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As part of a summer-long series, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Broadcaster Mike O'Brien will be catching up with Penguins players to see what they have been up to during the offseason.
This week, he spoke to defenseman Barry Goers about his off-season and ongoing efforts with Project Genesis...
For the full interview, check out the audio below.

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Q: How has the off season been for you so far?

A: This summer has been quite enjoyable. I have had a great time this summer. I'm out in Colorado here for my second summer in a row. You definitely can't complain with the nice weather. Overall it's just been wonderful.

Q: Talking to the prospects and rookies or young players if you will versus the veterans. The first year players and those prospects didn't get a lot of a break before development camp, whereas the older guys definitely got a little bit of a breather before the season. When did training start officially getting underway for you this summer?

A:. We had a great run there in the playoffs and unfortunately we didn't get as far as we wanted to. At the end of the season I usually take a couple weeks away from everything. No gym, no ice, clear the head, and recuperate and let the body recover and then hop back into it. I would say I took about 2-3 weeks and I go back in the gym and about another week after that started skating a little bit again. Now that we are in August I really start to pick things up getting back on the ice and obviously still in the gym. This is going to be my fifth season professionally so I have quite a few summers now and I kind of figured out my routine for how I like to approach a new season and I am well into it.

Q: You're originally from outside of Philadelphia but now you're off season home is out there in Denver, Colorado - the Mile High City. Is there any difference in the training regimen when you're really at that high altitude. Can you feel a difference from when you were training maybe outside of Philly during your younger years?

A: Absolutely, and that is part of why I come out here. It gives you an extra edge at the start of the season when you come in. I think you get something like 60% of the oxygen you get at sea level. When I first come out here I am sucking wind, and I'm like "man I must really be out of shape."You adjust to it and get back into it. In the long run it helps big time for when I come back east and I am at lower elevation you can tell the big difference in your breathing ability. 

Q: One thing I wanted to catch up with you about is Project Genesis. This is something you have been doing down in Guatemala for the last couple of years. I know the efforts to raise funds and get back down there again have been there all during the season while you're with the Penguins and here during the summer. Can you give us an update ?

A: Absolutely. Project Genesis is growing. They are still looking to make that purchase and get some land to build a school. However, at the facility they are using now they have more resources from books, all the educational materials. They now have desks so they are not sitting in just random chairs. Each kid has a desk. They have their uniforms. They actually have a new vehicle to pick up kids in and commute them, like a bus, to commute them from wherever they are to school. It’s really taking form and taking shape. That's why I really tried to stick with bringing awareness to the program and helping them raise funds to take those next steps because it really is something that’s moving forward and growing and making a lot of progress. We want to continue that effort. I have been really excited about it and hopefully in the future I can get the opportunity to head back down there again and see it for person and contribute in any way I can.

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