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As part of a summer-long series, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Broadcaster Mike O'Brien will be catching up with Penguins players to see what they have been up to during the offseason.
This week, he had a chat with third-year forward Bobby Farnham...
For the full interview, check out the audio below.

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Q: I know you didn't have to go to the development camp in Pittsburgh this particular off season, but I know it’s been a busy one for you. What have you been up to so far this summer?
A: I enjoyed some time off after the season ended there in June. I'm living in Boston this summer and sitting in traffic on 93 South right now. But, it's been a good summer. It's nice to get back into the training aspects of things and get back out on the ice and get ready for training camp.
Q: It's a little bit of a different offseason for you in that sense. Last year you were at development camp.  This year you get a little bit of a break after the season finishes up. How does that change what you do and what you try to accomplish during the off season?
A: Similar to last year obviously too we played just as late into early June. It's important to get your rest after the season ends, let the body heal and do a lot of recovery type stuff for the first couple weeks back in the gym. But, its also important to get right into the strength aspect and get back out on the ice.  Because the summer goes quickly and before you know it, it's September. We're already at August 1st now. That's important to and it's nice to get back into things.
Q: This summer was definitely interesting one for you as well.  In that, you were part of the free agent marketplace here during the off season. But, you re-signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Why was it important to you to come back to the Penguins' organization?
A: It's obviously maybe the best organization in my opinion in all of hockey. Its a great organization, great people, from top to bottom. From everyone in management to all the guys they have in the organization. It's one of a kind. It's a great feeling to come back to resign with Pittsburgh and maybe play there this year.
Q: You're a guy that obviously wants to improve game-to-game, month-to-month, season-to-season. What are the goals for yourself during the off season to get you ready during this upcoming year?
A. Pretty much the same. Just working on skills and a lot of on-ice stuff, skill development and staying in shape that way. Always trying to get stronger and better off-ice as well. Obviously health is important too so a lot of recovery methods and what not play a big role. Just trying to go to training camp in the best possible shape and try to make an impression.
Q: Well I know Boston is definitely not lacking for good places to eat and have a few beverages but where is the place you had your best meal so far here during the summer.
A: I would say the best meal is at Bricco is what it's called. It's at the North End in Boston. We went for dinner with one of my buddies who got married this summer a week before he got married and had a nice meal there. Unfortunately, I lost in credit card roulette that night so I had to take the bill. But, it was well worth it. It was a really good meal and a great location, that North End section in Boston. 

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