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As part of a summer-long series, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Broadcaster Mike O'Brien will be catching up with Penguins players to see what they have been up to during the offseason.
This week, Carter Rowney took a break from his training regiment to talk about his first season as a pro and his summer...
For the full interview, check out the audio below.

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Q: Tell me a little bit about your off season so far.  What have you been up to this the last couple months?
A:Yeah, I took a little break there after the playoff run. I stopped at school and visited there for a little while, but it was kind of back to work after that for me. Once I got home ---back to training and back at it getting ready for next year.

Q: What are you trying to work on or improve on here this summer to get ready for the season?
A: I think just everything. Consistency and getting your strengths up in for the season. A lot of skill work you can work on too over the summer. When you come to camp you really want to make a good showing and a good outing because the goal is to play all your games in the American Hockey League, for me. And above that, that is the ultimate goal.  For me it’s just working on your strengths during the summer and then once half way through I started skating a lot  and just been one the ice working on a little skill work for the rest of the summer.

Q: What are your thoughts on your first full season of professional hockey?
A: It was a fun one. There were definitely a lot ups and downs from throughout the year just going up and down. A lot of learning curves throughout the year. I think as a player I learned to develop into a pro hockey player a lot better. When I came in I just came from college. You develop and change your game a little bit to adjust to the pro hockey game or the pro hockey lifestyle. So I think throughout the season I think I started doing a better job at that and I think that just is going to help me coming into this season.

Q: You can’t be hockey all the time during the summer. What have you been doing with your down time here during the off season?
A: Well being on the lake we like to go out on the boat a lot. If there is a nice gorgeous day we are usually out on the lake hanging out there. Lots of family in the area. We like to go up there and hit the golf course. There are beautiful golf courses in this area. Other than that enjoying the summer, enjoying the time off, enjoy the water sports, and enjoy some golf rounds.

Q: How’s the golf game going so far this year?
A: That’s got even more ups and downs then the hockey season. *Laughs* It’s always good to get out on the course and enjoy the golf game and be outside but that’s a frustrating sport. 

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