March 31, 2020 Brian Coe
Best Goals

We’ve got a little time on our hands right now, so during this pause in the season we’re taking a quick look back at the season so far – starting with the top tallies.

We’ve picked out 16 of what our staff considers the best goals of the season (so far) from the Penguins – and we want YOU to help us pick the best of the best!

Take a look at our video breakdown of the great goals, and then visit our social media accounts at noon Tuesday through Friday for the next four weeks to cast your vote in our head-to-head matchups.

We’ll update the bracket every day, and you can check back here to track the progress.


We hope everyone is doing well while we’re waiting for hockey to hit the ice once again.  Stay safe Penguins fans, and we’ll se you soon!

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