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9 May, 19
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Hi Penguins fans, and welcome back for another episode of Tux on the Town. This next episode begins with my first visit to Luzerne County Head Start in Nanticoke.  Head Start is an early childhood development and school readiness program all over the nation.  Head Start’s main goal is to help prepare children for learning and to help them to be successful in school physically, mentally, and emotionally when they begin.

I visited this program on Thursday, May 2nd .  I was blown away by the kids in Classroom #1, who were so full of energy when I walked in.  We started off the visit with a little signing and learning.  I was amazed by how well they had memorized their ABCs and how in sync they were singing together.  Then Classroom #2 arrived and they were just as excited!  Once they settled down, my buddy Kyle from the Penguins front office, read a couple books to them and had a quick Q & A session (Kyle did the talking because, well, I only squeak!).

Next on the agenda was giving a little hockey lesson.  Kyle and I showed them how to properly hold a stick, pass the ball back and forth and even how to shoot on net.  After the quick lesson each child got a chance to showcase her or his skills by having a shootout against me in net.   We must’ve taught them well because boy oh boy, those kids scored a lot on me!  

I spent time taking photos with the kids and signing autographs as they left the gym.  What a great day with great kids from a great organization!

On Saturday, May 4th, members of the Penguins Front Office and I participated in a great charity event.  We raised funds for the American Heart Association and participated in the 2019 NEPA Heart Walk, held at the home of my pal CHAMP and the SWB RailRiders.

Before the walk started I spent some time roaming around the concourse taking photos with walk participants, sponsors and teams.  I also made my way down to the start of the walk in center field.  The walkers and teams were ready to go and I was doing my best to show my support by passing out high fives and hugs.  

I joined the Pens team in their walk, which was four laps around the entire baseball field.  This was a tremendous event to be a part of and I can’t wait to join the front office staff back out into the community again soon!

My last event of this past week was on Tuesday, May 7th at Heights Murray Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre.  I helped out with the completion of a project put together by the Leadership Wilkes-Barre group called Team Little Leaders (the TV station was there too!  Check out the story here).  Team Little Leaders put together backpacks with school related items which they distributed to the children so they’ll be ready for kindergarten next year.

I did my part by teaching the kids some of my dance moves, and they taught me some of theirs as well!  I also helped the pass out the backpacks to the children and they kept shouting “Thank You Tux!”  But the real thanks and appreciation goes out to the group members of Leadership Wilkes-Barres Team Little Leaders for helping prepare the Pre-K students for their upcoming school adventures!

That’s a wrap for Tux on the Town episode two. Stay tuned for next week’s story about my adventures in the community.  For more information on my appearances and to get me involved in your next birthday party, community fundraiser, or special event, check out my webpage by clicking here!

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