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Friday, October 137:00pm WBSPenguins LogoCharlotte4-2 W 1-0-0-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, October 146:00pm WBSPenguins LogoCharlotte4-1 L 1-1-0-0 listenlive watchlive
Friday, October 207:00pm WBSPenguins Logo400px-Hartford-Wolf-Pack5-0 L 1-2-0-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, October 216:05pm springfield-thunderbirdsWBSPenguins Logo3-1 W 2-2-0-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, October 25 7:05pm Hershey_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo5-1 W 3-2-0-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, October 28 6:05pm 400px-Hartford-Wolf-PackWBSPenguins Logo4-2 W 4-2-0-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Sunday, October 29 3:00pm WBSPenguins LogoHershey_Calendar6-1 L 4-3-0-0 listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, November 1 7:05pm Providence_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo3-1 L 4-4-0-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, November 3 7:05pm Hershey_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo2-1 W 5-4-0-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, November 4 6:05pm Belleville SenatorsWBSPenguins Logo3-2 OTL 5-4-1-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, November 10 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoSyracuse_Calendar4-0 W 6-4-1-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, November 11 6:05pm Syracuse_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo6-3 L 6-5-1-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, November 15 7:05pm Hershey_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo5-4 OTL 6-5-2-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, November 17 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoProvidence_Calendar4-2 W 7-5-2-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, November 18 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoProvidence_Calendar2-1 W 8-5-2-0 listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, November 22 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoHershey_Calendar2-1 L 8-6-2-0 listenlive watchlive
Friday, November 24 4:00pm WBSPenguins LogoCharlotte6-3 L 8-7-2-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, November 25 4:00pm WBSPenguins LogoCharlotte4-1 W 9-7-2-0 listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, November 29 7:05pm Hershey_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo7-5 L 9-8-2-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, December 1 7:05pm WBSPenguins Logospringfield-thunderbirds3-2 W 10-8-2-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, December 2 6:05pm springfield-thunderbirdsWBSPenguins Logo4-3 (OTL) 10-8-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, December 8 7:05pm Cleveland MonstersWBSPenguins Logo5-3 W 11-8-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, December 9 6:05pm Providence_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo5-1 L 11-9-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, December 13 7:05pm Syracuse_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo4-1 W 12-9-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, December 15 7:00pm WBSPenguins Logouticacomets4-1 W 13-9-3-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, December 16 6:05pm Rochester_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo2-1 W 14-9-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Thursday, December 21 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoBelleville Senators5-1 W 15-9-3-0 listenlive watchlive
Friday, December 22 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoLaval5-2 L 15-10-3-0 listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, December 27 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoHershey_Calendar4-1 L 15-11-3-0 listenlive watchlive
Friday, December 29 7:05pm CharlotteWBSPenguins Logo4-1 W 16-11-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, December 30 6:05pm CharlotteWBSPenguins Logo6-2 L 16-12-3-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, January 5 7:05pm WBSPenguins Logospringfield-thunderbirds2-1 W 17-12-3-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, January 6 6:05pm Lehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo4-3 OTL 17-12-4-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Sunday, January 7 3:05pm 400px-Hartford-Wolf-PackWBSPenguins Logo2-1 W 18-12-4-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, January 12 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoProvidence_Calendar3-2 OTL 18-12-5-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, January 13 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoBridgeport Islanders4-3 W 19-12-5-0 listenlive watchlive
Monday, January 15 3:05pm WBSPenguins Logospringfield-thunderbirds3-2 W 20-12-5-0 listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, January 17 7:05pm Providence_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo3-2 L 20-13-5-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, January 20 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoHershey_Calendar1-0 L 20-14-5-0 listenlive watchlive
Sunday, January 21 3:05pm springfield-thunderbirdsWBSPenguins Logo2-1 W 21-14-5-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, January 24 7:05pm 400px-Hartford-Wolf-PackWBSPenguins Logo4-1 W 22-14-5-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, January 26 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendar4-3 W 23-14-5-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, January 27 6:05pm Hershey_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo3-2 L 23-15-5-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, January 31 7:05pm Toronto CalendarWBSPenguins Logo4-1 L 23-16-5-0 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, February 2 7:00pm WBSPenguins Logo400px-Hartford-Wolf-Pack5-4 OTL 23-16-6-0 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, February 3 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendar3-1 W 24-16-6-0 listenlive watchlive
Friday, February 9 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendar4-3 SOL 24-16-6-1 listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, February 14 11:00am WBSPenguins LogoToronto Calendar6-1 W 25-16-6-1 listenlive watchlive
Friday, February 16 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoRochester_Calendar5-3 L 25-17-6-1 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, February 176:05pm LavalPittstonTomato-FINAL26-3 W 26-17-6-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, February 217:05pm Lehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo3-2 OTL 26-17-7-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, February 237:00pm WBSPenguins LogoHershey_Calendar4-1 L 26-18-7-1 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, February 24 6:05pm Bridgeport IslandersWBSPenguins Logo4-1 W 27-18-7-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, March 1 7:05pm CharlotteWBSPenguins Logo4-1 W 28-18-7-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, March 26:05pm CharlotteWBSPenguins Logo4-2 L 28-19-7-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, March 8 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendar3-2 W 29-19-7-1 listenlive watchlive
Saturday, March 9 6:05pm Lehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo4-2 L 29-20-7-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Wednesday, March 13 7:00pm Lehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo3-0 W 30-20-7-1 listenlive watchliveticket
Sunday, March 17 3:00pm WBSPenguins LogoCleveland Monsters3-2 OTL 30-20-8-1 listenlive watchlive
Monday, March 18 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoCleveland Monsters5-2 W 31-20-8-1 listenlive watchlive
Friday, March 22 7:00pm WBSPenguins LogoSyracuse_Calendar5-2 L31-21-8-1listenlive watchlive
Saturday, March 23 6:05pm uticacometsWBSPenguins Logo3-0 L31-22-8-1listenlive watchliveticket
Sunday, March 24 3:05pm WBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendar3-1 W32-22-8-1listenlive watchlive
Saturday, March 30 6:05pm Lehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo4-3 W (OT)33-22-8-1listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, April 5 7:05pm Cleveland MonstersWBSPenguins Logo3-2 W (OT)34-22-8-1listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, April 6 5:00pm WBSPenguins LogoBridgeport Islanders6-3 W35-22-8-1listenlive watchlive
Sunday, April 7 3:05pm Lehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo5-1 W36-22-8-1listenlive watchliveticket
Friday, April 12 7:05pm Bridgeport IslandersWBSPenguins Logo5-2 W37-22-8-1listenlive watchliveticket
Saturday, April 13 6:05pm Hershey_CalendarWBSPenguins Logo4-1 W38-22-8-1listenlive watchliveticket
Sunday, April 14 5:00pm WBSPenguins LogoHershey_Calendar4-1 L38-23-8-1listenlive watchlive
Friday, April 19 7:00pm WBSPenguins Logo400px-Hartford-Wolf-Pack3-2 L38-24-8-1listenlive watchlive
Saturday, April 20 7:05pm WBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendar2-0 W39-24-8-1listenlive watchlive
Wednesday, April 247:05pmLehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logolistenlive watchliveticket
Friday, April 267:05pmWBSPenguins LogoLehigh_Calendarlistenlive watchlive
Sunday, April 28*5:05pmLehigh_CalendarWBSPenguins Logolistenlive watchliveticket
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