Hockey Terms That All Fans Should Know

Hockey Terms That All Fans Should Know
25 Feb, 22

Whether you’re visiting the Mohegan Sun Arena for a WBS Penguins game, watching an NFL game, or tuning into hockey in the Olympics, you’ll hear a lot of different phrases, some you know, and maybe some that aren’t familiar to you. When you’re new to a sport, it can be hard to understand everything that’s going on. If you’re listening to commentary or talking with your friends, you don’t want to be left out because you haven’t been filled in on all the different hockey terms.

There are many different hockey terms you’ll hear, and it can be hard to keep up with so many. Here are some of the most common hockey terms that you should be familiar with.

Common Hockey Terminology

  • Assist – When one player passes the puck to another, who then scores a goal. This is also sometimes called an apple.
  • Attacking Zone – Where the opponent’s goal is. This is also referred to as the offensive zone.
  • Body Check – When a player uses their body to knock an opponent down.
  • Breakaway – When a play has the puck and the only defender for the opponent’s goal is the goalie.
  • Blue Line – Two blue lines that split the rink into three sections – the attacking, neutral, and defensive zones.
  • Center – A forward position in the center of the rink.
  • Cross Checking – Checking an opponent with the shaft of the stick in both hands.
  • Defensive Zone – Where a team’s own goal is.
  • Deke – When a player fakes a move to get an opponent out of their position.
  • Faceoff – When the puck is dropped in between two opposing players. This occurs at the beginning of every game, period, and play.
  • Hat Trick – When a player scores three goals during one game.
  • Icing – When a player shoots the puck.
  • Penalty Shot – A penalty awarded after a team loses an opportunity to make a goal due to a foul by an opposing play. A player may take a shot with no defense other than the goalie.
  • Neutral Zone – The area between the two attack zones separated by the two blue lines.
  • Slap Shot – A difficult shot starting with the stick at shoulder height or higher.
  • Red Light – The red light behind a goal post that indicates a goal was scored. You may also hear the term “light the lamp.”
  • Red Line – Hockey rinks have three red lines, a goal line for each goal, and a center red line in the middle of the rink.

See What Terms You Know at the Next WBS Penguins Home Game

Want to test out how many terms you can pick up? Come to the next Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins game and see what you know. Maybe you’ll recognize something you’ve taught yourself or learn something you’ve never heard before. There’s always a lot to learn, and there’s no better way to learn than watching a game. There are still plenty of chances left this season

If you want to learn more about hockey, be sure to get tickets for a game today to come see what it’s all about.

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