The Importance of the Teddy Bear Toss

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1 Dec, 23

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to gear up for one of the most beloved traditions in hockey. Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 9th, as we host our annual Teddy Bear Toss game at the Mohegan Sun Arena! Join us as we take on the Springfield Thunderbirds and bring a stuffed animal (or a few!) to participate in this heartwarming event.

What’s the Teddy Bear Toss?

If you’ve never experienced a teddy bear toss game before, you’re in for a treat! Picture fans of all ages throwing stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes onto the ice. These toys are then collected and donated to charities, making a positive impact in our community. It’s a heartwarming sight that sets the tone for the holiday season.

History of the Teddy Bear Toss

The tradition of the teddy bear toss is not limited to our league. It’s a common occurrence in the AHL and other leagues across North America and around the world. In fact, other sports have also embraced this initiative, showcasing the power of giving back.

The origins of the teddy bear toss are a bit murky, but it’s often credited to the Kamloops Blazers, a junior hockey team based in Kamloops, British Columbia. In 1993, their fans threw over 2,000 stuffed animals onto the ice after a goal. However, some argue that the Regina Pats, another WHL team, were the pioneers of this tradition. Regardless of its exact beginnings, the teddy bear toss has left a lasting impact on teams and fans alike.

While the AHL and other leagues embrace the teddy bear toss with open arms, the NHL has strict rules against fans throwing anything onto the ice. So, if you want to witness this heartwarming spectacle, make sure to catch it at our game!

Record Holding Teddy Bears

In the spirit of friendly competition, teams strive to outdo each other year after year. The current record for the largest teddy bear toss belongs to none other than the Hershey Bears themselves.

In 2019, their fans threw an astonishing 45,650 stuffed animals onto the ice, setting a world record. They had previously held the record the year before, proving their dedication to this wonderful cause.

Give Back This Holiday Season at Our Teddy Bear Toss

At the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, we believe in giving back to our community throughout the year. However, the holiday season holds a special place in our hearts. We invite you to be a part of our annual teddy bear toss and experience the joy of making a difference. Start collecting stuffed animals now, and get your tickets for this year’s upcoming game. Let’s make it a memorable event that spreads warmth and cheer to those in need.

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