What Do Team Captains Do in Hockey?

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21 Oct, 22

While every member of a team has an important role to play, the team captain is an especially important part of any team. Everyone is familiar with captains and the status they have in their positions. Of course, like most team sports, hockey teams select a captain to take on extra responsibilities and help guide the team to success. While you might know that captains are often seen as the leaders and top players of a team, you might not know what their actual responsibilities are.

In the AHL, captains are much more than a figurehead that helps bring the team together, they have important responsibilities. Learn more about how team captains in the AHL work!

How Do Team Captains Work in the AHL?

AHL teams are permitted to select one player to serve as team captain. Co-captains are not allowed. In addition to one team captain, teams are also permitted to select two alternate captains. When the captain is not on the ice, an alternate captain can assume their duties. If the team does not have a captain, they can select up to three alternate captains.

Playing coaches, playing managers, and goalies are not permitted to be captains or alternate captains.

Team captains wear a “C” on their jerseys, while alternate captains wear an “A”. Referees and official scorers must have the names of captains and alternate captains before the start of each game.

Responsibilities of Team Captains

Captains can have a range of responsibilities and expectations within a team, including ceremonial and social responsibilities. While team captains are typically seen as representatives of the team, they have one official distinction from the rest of their teammates. Team captains are the only team members with the ability to discuss questions relating to the interpretation of the rules during the game with the referee. However, this does not include complaints about a penalty, which will result in a minor penalty.

Who is the Captain of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins?

The most recent captain of the WBS Penguins was defenseman Taylor Fedun, who was the team’s 20th captain. Fedun’s first season with the WBS Penguins was the 2021-22 season and he was named team captain in 2021. Prior to joining the WBS Penguins, Fedun played for various AHL and NHL teams. This is also not the first time he has served as team captain, having been captain of the Princeton Tigers in his final year.

The current alternate captains are defenseman Xavier Ouellett, and forwards Drew O’Connor (home games) and Drake Caggiula (road games).

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