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27 Apr, 20
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For the past few weeks, we’ve been highlighting Penguins fans on the FIRST LINE in the fight against Covid-19 on our social media pages (nominate your essential employee, healthcare worker or volunteer here).  We wanted to give you a little more info on some of those making a difference, so every Monday we’ll be introducing you to one of those nominees in our FAN FILES feature.  

Today, we’re chatting with Samantha Walkowiak.

Are you an essential worker? 
I am a Registered Nurse at Geisinger Hospital.

For you, what has been the most challenging part of this transition?
I went from being a regular med search nurse dealing with normal patients to my entire unit solely dedicated to Covid-19 patients. Within a matter days everything was switched over and we had to learn the proper techniques for taking care of a new type of patient. We had to adapt to the CDC constantly changing protocols and the limited supplies.

What hobbies or activities have you focused on while social distancing?
My husband got me a Cricut for Christmas, so I have been experimenting with the various settings like vinyl and what I can make.

Is your family, neighbors or community doing anything unique to stay connected?
My community has been putting bears in their windows so when people walk or drive around town they can try to find all the bears that are displayed.

What type of music or artists do you listen to?
Artists like Alanis Morissette and Tom Petty.

When you are home, what are your favorite snacks?
Pretty much anything, I can pick up an apple one day and the next day I’ll eat Doritos.

Do you have a book, recipe or TV recommendation?  
If anybody has Audible, my recommendation would be Heads Will Roll it is hilarious! For a TV show, we have been watching The Last Kingdom.

Do you have any suggestions that may help others physically or emotionally? 
Try to stay calm, you don’t have to go out and hoard everything. Talk to your friends on the phone, reach out to counselors and support groups online or on Facebook. Don’t just sit there, reach out and talk to somebody if you feel lonely. 

What’s your favorite hockey memory?
My favorite hockey memory was the Pink in the Rink game where we were able to go down after the game and get the jerseys off of the players’ backs. They smelt horrible! We were able to go down to meet, talk to the player and get the jersey signed. I got Tom Kuhnhackl’s jersey that year!

When hockey returns, what excites you most? 
If we are allowed to be back at the games, to be back with my section! I miss all my friends at Section 108!

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