TUX ON THE TOWN – April 30, 2019

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1 May, 19
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Hi Penguins fans and welcome to the first edition of Tux On The Town.  Throughout the summer I am going to be very busy visiting churches, schools, 5K’s, charitable events, and many more events throughout NEPA.  I’ll be sending out a weekly update of what I had going on the past week, and what an awesome time I had at each event.

To start off this tale, we are going to take it back a week to when I visited Solomon Plains Elementary School.  I visited the school on Thursday April 18th and when I walked in, the building was empty and I opened up my calendar to make sure I had the right date and location!  Then a man approached me and shouted “TUX!” I looked up with a squeak of relief and knew I didn’t have my dates mixed up with my busy schedule.  The children I visited were part of the Building Blocks Learning Center after-school program while the rest of the school was on Easter break.

The gentlemen escorted me into the cafeteria where there were bunches of screaming children chanting “TUX! TUX! TUX! TUX!”.  Throughout the visit they were teaching me Fortnite dances, playing with my beak and giving me lots and lots of hugs. At the end the session we took some pictures,and I signed a TON of autographs.  

I had a nice Easter weekend back home in Pittsburgh with my big brother, Iceburgh, but was back at it again in NEPA this past weekend!   On Saturday April 27th, I took a trip up to the Dupont Little League Field and helped kick off Opening Day for the Dupont Little League Baseball season.  There were children ages 3 to 7 starting off their season and I was there to help them get excited, giving them high fives and fist bumps as they entered the field.  

On Sunday April 28th, I helped out with an awesome event that has now been going on for 8 years!  This was the 5th consecutive year I attended the Max Fine Memorial 5k Race benefitting the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in Wilkes-Barre.  Max Fine was a teacher for many years in NEPA before his health cut his teaching career short. Despite his struggles, Max always had the best outlook on life and I am proud to be able to help support his memory by attending his annual 5k.   This is a fantastic event that I have had the privilege of supporting the past 5 years and look forward to supporting for years and years to come!

The last event I attended this weekend was the 3rd Annual Steamtown Rx Day on Sunday afternoon. This is an event held at Steamtown National Historic Site that encourages fitness. This event reaches out to people of all ages and fitness levels to get outdoors and get active.  There are many different local organizations in relation to health and fitness in attendance, giving advice and inspirational words to make sure that people get out and stay active. I had a great time hanging out and was happy to help spread the word and encouragement to get outdoors, stay active and live a healthy lifestyle!

This wraps up the first installment of Tux On The Town.  Stay tuned for next week’s story about my adventures out in the community.  For more information on my appearances and to get me involved in your next birthday party, community fundraiser or special event, check out my webpage by clicking here!

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