4 Types of Shots in Hockey

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10 Feb, 23

There are many different types of fans at a hockey game. While some are die-hard fans who know everything and are always on top of the latest news, plenty are casual fans or just getting into the sport. Everyone has to start somewhere, but learning about a new sport and following along at games can be complicated. In hockey, there are a few different types of shots, but which is which, and how can you recognize them? Knowing your hockey shots is a quick and easy thing to pick up on.

If you want to get better at understanding the basics of hockey, we can help. Here are four types of hockey shots you’re likely to see at a game.


Even if you aren’t that familiar with hockey, a slapshot is one type of shot that you’ve likely heard about before, although you might not fully understand what it is. A slapshot requires a player to wind their stick up around shoulder height and swing it back down, hitting the ice before the puck. Then, the energy from the stick hitting the ice is transferred to the puck, which is what makes it one of the fastest and most powerful shots. While slapshots are known for being powerful, they aren’t always the most accurate shots to take, making them one of the most difficult to do successfully.

Wrist Shot

Wrist shots rely largely on the wrist and forearm muscles and are done using the concave side of the stick. Whereas a slapshot requires more setup time, a wrist shot has the advantage of being done quickly, which can also make it more of a surprise for other players. This is considered to be the most accurate shot in hockey.

Backhand Shot

Backhand shots are similar to wrist shots, with one major difference. While wrist shots use the concave side of the stick, backhand shots utilize the convex side of the stick. One of the best advantages of a backhand shot is that it can deceive goalies. Backhand slapshots are also possible.

Snap Shot

A snap shot combines a wrist shot and a slapshot to get the benefits of both. Snap shots use a similar range of motion as slapshots, but not to the same extent. Players making a snap shot only raise their stick to around knee height, giving the shot more power and speed than just a wrist shot but keeping some of the accuracy they offer.

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