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3 Mar, 23

The end of the regular season is an exciting time for many hockey fans. While the 2022-23 AHL season isn’t over just yet, the end is getting closer and closer. There’s been plenty of exciting seasons in the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins’ history that have resulted in impressive wins in various championships. Many of our fans might remember some of these big moments and want to reminisce, while we also have many new fans who weren’t following the WBS Penguins yet during some of our most major wins.

As we get closer to the end of this AHL season, take a look back at some of what the WBS Penguins have achieved in previous seasons.

Regular Season Titles

The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins have finished the regular season with the most points in two different seasons. The Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy, named after the late former AHL board member Macgregor Kilpatrick, is the award given to the regular season title winner. We won our first Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy during the 2010–11 season with a final total of 117. Our most recent regular season win was in the 2016–17 season, with a points percentage of .704 (107 points).

Division Titles

During our team’s history, we’ve ended up with four division titles so far. During the 2005–06 season, we were the regular season champions for the East Division, taking home the F. G. “Teddy” Oke Trophy. The WBS Penguins won this trophy two more times, once in the 2007–08 season and then again in the 2010–11 season. The F.G. “Teddy” Oke Trophy is named after Teddy Oke, one of the founders of the Canadian Professional Hockey League, and is the oldest trophy awarded in the AHL. We later became part of the AHL’s Atlantic Division and won the Emile Francis Trophy, named after former AHL player and NHL coach Emile Francis, for being the regular season champions in the Atlantic Division during the 2016–17 season.

Conference Titles

The WBS Penguins currently have three conference title wins. Our first time winning a conference title was in 2001, when we were only in our second season as a team. Beating the Hershey Bears 4-0, we brought home the Robert W. Clarke Trophy, which is awarded to the Western Conference playoff champion and is named after former AHL Chairman of the Board Robert W. Clarke. We later won the Richard F. Canning Trophy twice as Eastern Conference playoff winners. The Richard F. Canning Trophy is named after former AHL President Richard F. Canning. Our first Eastern Conference playoff win was in 2004, beating the Hartford Wolf Pack 4-3. Our most recent win was in 2008, when we beat the Portland Pirates 4-3.

Don’t Miss the Rest of the 2022-23 AHL Season

The end of the 2022-23 AHL season is quickly coming, but it’s not over just yet. While there are only a few games remaining, you don’t want to miss a second. In the coming weeks, make sure you follow along with all the WBS Penguins’ games and try to make sure you can still get tickets to see everything for yourself.

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