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28 Mar, 23

Sicilian, margarita, deep dish, whatever type of pizza you prefer, there are plenty to choose from. While many areas claim to have the best pizza, in NEPA, we know that it’s true. Many refer to Old Forge as the “Pizza Capital of the World” for the beloved Old Forge-style pizza. With a pizza style of our very own in the area and dozens of pizza places throughout NEPA, pizza is a huge part of our local culture and community.

Are you a foodie who wants to know more about this iconic dish or a local who loves to learn more about the area? Here’s a little bit of information about Old Forge-style pizza!

What is Old Forge Pizza?

Like Sicilian pizza, Old Forge pizza is served in a rectangular tray, rather than a circular pie, like many other pizzas. While Old Forge pizza may seem like Sicilian pizza at first glance, the two types have completely different tastes. This style of pizza is made with a thick and chewy crust and a layer of red sauce.

However, the cheese on Old Forge-style pizza can be difficult to define. This is because many different pizza places in the area use their own cheese blends, so this can vary depending on what your favorite place uses. There are several other differences between how these pizzas are made throughout the area, such as using onion and different herbs and spices.

Old Forge-style pizza isn’t only made with red sauce, either. White Old Forge pizza is a popular choice. This type of pizza is made without any sauce and is instead stuffed with cheese. Of course, you can also get many of your favorite toppings on an Old Forge-style pizza.

When Was Old Forge Pizza Created?

Many people believe that Old Forge pizza was first served in 1926 at Ghigiarelli’s Restaurant in Old Forge. It also might not be surprising for those familiar with NEPA to learn that this dish was reportedly first served to feed a group of miners. Since then, this style of pizza has taken off, and you can find a number of restaurants in the area making their own special recipe. Many of the places you can still order from today have been making these pizzas for generations.

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Even if Old Forge-style isn’t your favorite kind of pizza, there’s a good chance you have a favorite pizza place in the area. You can get practically any kind of pizza you can want around here, and people take their favorite pizza places very seriously. No matter what your tastes are, you can’t go wrong with getting it from anywhere in NEPA.

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