Top 5 WBS Penguins Players Who’ve Played in the Stanley Cup

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1 Jul, 23

The Stanley Cup is more than just a trophy in the ice hockey universe. It is the ultimate symbol of being the best in the sport and a revered tradition that dates back over a century. The Stanley Cup has been awarded to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff champion since 1893.

The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (WBS) Penguins are an American Hockey League (AHL) team. Since 1999, the WBS Penguins have become a prominent development franchise, nurturing young players that have gone onto the NHL. Many WBS Penguins players have gone on to play in the NHL with the team’s affiliated partner, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Because of this, the WBS Penguins have played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of numerous Stanley Cup players.

Player 1: Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby, popularly known as Sid the Kid, is one of the greatest players in NHL history. Born on August 7, 1987, in Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, Crosby quickly rose to fame. His exceptional talent and hockey IQ continue to impress other players and fans worldwide.

Although he is one of the best Stanley Cup players today, Crosby’s journey began with the WBS Penguins. He was an outstanding WBS Penguins player during the 2004-2005 season and parts of the 2005-2006 season. He played a critical role in leading the team to the Calder Cup Finals in 2004-2005.

Thanks to his unparalleled hockey skills, Crosby quickly transitioned to the NHL. After becoming the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins, he continued to achieve numerous individual milestones throughout his career. Under his leadership, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup three times.

He is known for his ability to elevate the play of his teammates by pushing their limits on the ice and driving them to win the game. And with such qualities, he remains one of the best Stanley Cup players from the WBS Penguins. He continues to be a part of the Pittsburgh Penguins to this day.

Player 2: Evgeni Malkin

Evgeni Malkin is the second on our list. Nicknamed Geno, Malkin is a Russian-born NHL ice hockey player who is a part of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He possesses an impressive combination of size, speed, and skill, making him a formidable presence on the ice.

His outstanding performances during the playoffs have been crucial to Pittsburgh Penguins’ success in the Stanley Cup. But before transferring to the NHL, he began his career in professional ice hockey with the WBS Penguins. In fact, he was one of the WBS Penguins players to lead the team to the Calder Cup Finals.

His impactful AHL contributions made him an integral part of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ championship aspirations. Malkin’s scoring touch, playmaking abilities, and ability to come through in clutch situations are unmatched. His skills were instrumental in helping the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in 2009, 2016, and 2017.

Malkin has won several awards in his NHL career. He was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2009. He also won the Art Ross Trophy in the 2008-2009 and 2011-2012 NHL seasons.

Player 3: Marc-Andre Fleury

The third on our list is Marc-Andre Fleury, an exceptional goaltender. Fleury became the third goalie in NHL history to win 500 games by making 29 saves for the Chicago Blackhawks in a 2-0 victory against the Montreal Canadiens on Dec. 9, 2021. It is no wonder his agility, reflexes, and ability to make crucial saves have made him a vital asset to both Penguins teams.

Like others on this list, before becoming a Stanley Cup player, he was a part of the WBS Penguins. His AHL stint saw him playing a significant role in helping the WBS Penguins reach the Calder Cup Finals. Then, in the 2008-09 NHL season, Fleury helped the Pittsburgh Penguins reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

Fleury has showcased his brilliance by making crucial saves and delivering memorable performances. His remarkable skills have further solidified his reputation as a goaltender in both the AHL and NHL.

Player 4: Kris Letang

Next on our list of Stanley Cup players from WBS Penguins is Kris Letang. He is a highly talented defenseman. His defensive acumen, offensive prowess, and leadership qualities have made him one of the most successful Stanley Cup players on the ice. On April 2, 2023, Letang became the third Penguins skater to play 1,000 games.

However, his career began with the WBS Penguins. He was one of the WBS Penguins players during the 2007-08 regular season and 2007 Calder Cup playoffs. Letang’s defensive skills are second to none. Additionally, his offensive contributions are remarkable. His vision, puck-handling, and ability to generate scoring chances make him a potent threat from the back end.

He has been one of the most successful Stanley Cup players. On Oct 13, 2019, he became the first defenseman in the Penguins history to score 500 points. Kris Letang’s talent as a defenseman makes him a standout player in the world of ice hockey.

Player 5: Jake Guentzel

Jake Guentzel is the final name on our list of Stanley Cup players from WBS Penguins. He has emerged as a prominent figure in the Stanley Cup and other major ice hockey tournaments as he showcased his scoring prowess time and again.

But in the early years of his career, Guentzel was one of the best WBS Penguins players. His contributions were instrumental in the team’s championship runs. He consistently brought his team closer to its ultimate goal – winning the Calder Cup. Similarly, he was instrumental in helping the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup during the 2016-2017 season.

He possesses a natural scoring touch and a knack for finding open spaces on the ice. It’s no wonder he remains one of the leading scorers for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He continues to be part of the Penguins and one of the foremost Stanley Cup players.

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The WBS Penguins has a rich history. Many WBS Penguins players have won accolades in the AHL and NHL. It has been an excellent entry point for promising young ice hockey players. Many players in the Stanley Cup tournaments, like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Marc-Andre Fleury, made their debut with WBS Penguins. Learning about these players will help you understand the team and its history.

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