10 Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins Players Who Have Scored the Most Goals So Far

Tom Kostopoulos
1 Aug, 23

When it comes to ice hockey, scoring goals is the absolute must-do. Picture this – you’re on the ice, stick in hand, weaving through defenders. You spot an opening, take that shot, and voila! The crowd goes wild. You’re the hero of the moment. It’s pure adrenaline pumping through your veins, and there’s no feeling quite like it.

But it’s not just about the rush. Scoring goals is what wins games and brings the team together. Players must work as a unit, passing the puck around and finally cashing in with a goal. The camaraderie, the high-fives, the chest bumps, it’s what makes hockey a true team sport.

Speaking of scoring goals, nobody does it quite like the WBS Penguins players. The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins are an American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Over the years, the team has had several goal-scoring legends light up the scoreboard and leave a trail of defeated goalies in their wake.

Intrigued? Let’s talk about 10 WBS Penguins players with the most scored goals throughout the team’s history.

#1. Tom Kostopoulos

Captain Thomas George Kostopoulos was a leader both on and off the ice. Over his 19-season professional hockey career, he played in a total of 1,468 NHL and AHL games combined. He ended his career as the most proficient WBS Penguins player in terms of:

  • Games played (588)
  • Assists (257)
  • Goals (159)
  • Points (416)
  • Playoff games (94)
  • Playoff goals (23)
  • Playoff assists (44)
  • Playoff points (67)

Kostopoulos was the WBS Penguins’ captain between 2002 to 2004 and during his final five seasons. He is also credited with training several young players who went on to win the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh.

#2. Chris Minard

Ah, Chris Minard – the 6’1”, 190-pound goal-scoring dynamo on the WBS Penguins roster. When it came to racking up points, Minard was a true wizard on the ice. Regardless of whether it was a wrist shot, a slap shot, or a backhand, he had a lethal shot arsenal, and he knew how to use it. His 34 goals during the 2008-2009 season remain a WBS Penguins record to this day. His 0.537 goals per game are also the third-highest total in team history.

#3. Jeff Taffe

Many people might remember Jeff Taffe for his stint with Penguins’ rival Hershey Bears, but his brief time with WBS Penguins should not be forgotten. In the 2008-2009 season, Taffe scored 75 points (25 goals, 50 assists), the most in single-season in Penguins history at the time. His season-and-a-half career as a WBS Penguins player ended with 96 points in 101 games.

Even before he played professionally, Taffe was named Mr. Minnesota Hockey in 1999, a prestigious distinction given to the best high school hockey player in Minnesota. His wicked wrist shot was a thing of beauty, and goalies had a tough time stopping it.

#4. Toby Petersen

Tobias Petersen joined the WBS Penguins roster during the 2000-2001 campaign. A versatile forward who revived the team’s offense almost immediately, Petersen led the team with 26 goals and 67 points. He was drafted into the All-Rookie Team and represented the Penguins on home ice during the 2001 AHL All-Star Classic.

Petersen’s 177 points with the Penguins rank him first among American players and second overall. Plus, he’s the only American WBS Penguins player to deliver 100+ assists during his tenure.

#5. Tim Wallace

While Petersen might have the most points and assists by an American-born Penguin, Alaskan Tim Wallace is the true monster in the rink. He has the third-highest tally in team history and the most made by an American, thanks to his 75 goals across parts of 5 seasons.

Wallace shone in his final two years with the WBS Penguins. He scored 27 goals in 2009-2010, followed by 20 more goals next season. His 12-game-winning goals are a record for US-born players.

Wallace was also the most-tenured Penguin of all time, with 304 games played. In fact, he is just one game shy of a team record!

#6. Eric Tangradi

Pennsylvania native Eric Tangradi joined the WBS Penguins roster in 2009-2010. He quickly became a power forward, racking up 60 goals and 61 assists in his 178 games with the team.

During his seven subsequent pro seasons with the Penguins, Tangradi was a steady part of the offense team and a ferocious motivator. He ended his career after 600 professional games and has one Calder Cup to his name.

#7. Daniel Sprong

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more electrifying player than Daniel Sprong. A prolific scoring winger with an elite skillset and dynamic skating abilities, Sprong is a true master of the game. He scored 32 goals and 33 assists in the 2017-2018 regular season, making him one of the most illustrated WBS Penguins players to ever put a stick to puck.

#8. Brian Gibbons

Brian Gibbons is the speedy, skilled, and spirited goal-scoring sensation. By all accounts, he was a force to be reckoned with on the ice. He signed a two-year, entry-level contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2011 and scored his first NHL goal in his debut game. Throughout his stint with the WBS Penguins, Gibbons racked up 30 goals and 60 assists, which is a career highlight.

#9. John Slaney

This defenseman had a cannon for a shot! Slaney’s slap shots were like a freight train, and he made history as the highest-scoring defenseman in WBS Penguins records.

After a stunning debut, Slaney signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1999. With the expansion of the WBS Penguins in 1999 into 2000, he played as both a defense and forward, enjoying what is now seen as a career year. He led the team with 30 goals and 60 points in just 49 games, quickly becoming a fan favorite. What’s more, he was the first defenseman in AHL history to record 30 goals in a season.

For his second season with the Penguins, Slaney was named captain and scored 50 points (12 goals, 38 assists) across 40 games. A day after he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers, Slaney wore the Penguins sweater one last time to play in the AHL All-Star Classic.

Slaney recorded a combined 166 goals, 353 assists, and 519 points across 631 games between 5 different AHL teams. He was inducted into the AHL Hall of Fame in 2014 and the WBS Penguins Hall of Fame in 2016.

#10. Jake Guentzel

Although Jake Guentzel had a relatively brief WBS Penguins score, there’s nothing underrated about his contributions to the team. At the tail-end of the 2015-2016 season, Guentzel had a point on 7 of the 12 goals scored by the Penguins in their first-round sweep of the Providence Bruins. And if that wasn’t cool enough, he also shot the clinching overtime game-winner.

With his dazzling performance going strong, Guentzel was named to the All-Rookie Team for the 2016-2017 season, despite starring in less than half of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton’s games.

He ended his AHL career with 23 goals and 25 assists across 44 regular games and 5 goals and 9 assists across 10 playoff games. He also stacked up 21 points in the Stanley Cup in 2017, setting the record for an American rookie.

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There you have it, the 10 most talented WBS Penguins players with the mostgoals so far. The AHL affiliate serves as a breeding ground for young talent. As they continue to grow and develop, their contributions will certainly keep the future of the Penguins shining bright on the ice!

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