Where is the Best Place to Sit at a Hockey Game?

best place to sit at a hockey game
31 Oct, 22

If you’re planning to get tickets for WBS Penguins games during the 2022-23 AHL season, you want to make sure you’re getting tickets for seats you’ll love. Different seats can give you totally different views and experiences, so if you’ve never been to a game before, you want to know what you have to choose from and how to find the best place to sit at the hockey game. Fortunately, there’s no wrong answer at the Mohegan Sun Arena. While there are several different sections to sit in and enjoy the game, they all have something great to offer to fans.

So, are you wondering where you should get seats for the next Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins game? Find out how to find the best seats in the house!

Second-Level Seating

Higher-up seats can sometimes get a bad reputation in any arena because these seats won’t get you close to the action. However, you should never overlook these seats when getting tickets for a game. While higher-up seats aren’t as close, they do provide you with an amazing view of everything going on. If you’re okay with being a little further away, these seats have a lot to offer. We have second-level seating all around the rink at the Mohegan Sun Arena, so you can find the perfect spot with a great view of the game.

Close to the Glass

Some of the most coveted seats are right up against the glass. Of course, many people are after these because it makes you feel like you’re almost right on the ice yourself. If you want to feel like you’re part of the game and want to be right next to everything, these seats are perfect for you. We have amazing glass seats at the WBS Penguins games so that you can enjoy the game up close.

Ends of the Rinks

Of course, some of the most intense moments of the game are right by the goal, which makes the seats at the ends of the rinks great places to be. Although seats at the ends of the rink can put you further away from the action going on on the other side, if you like to have a good view of the net, these are seats you should consider.

Center Ice

If sitting too far to one side makes you feel like you’re missing things, center ice seating may be the best spot for you. When you’re right in the middle, you can stay close to everything going on. You never have to worry about what’s going over on the other side. You won’t be right by one specific goal, but you’ll have a great view no matter where the action is happening.

Club Seating

Club seating has some of the best spots in the house, so it’s no surprise that they’re so sought after. These seats are located right on center ice, so it’s hard to get a better view of the whole rink than our club seating. However, these offer more than just great spots to watch the game. Club seats come with additional perks that help make a WBS Penguins game an even better experience.

Get the Perfect Seat at the Next WBS Penguins Game

There’s no one right answer when it comes to finding the best place to sit at a hockey game. Every section has something to offer fans and will make your trip to the Mohegan Sun Arena great. Don’t miss your chance to get your favorite seats in the house.

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